7 Easy Steps Towards A Decluttered Home

“We need much less than we think we need”.- CaitFlanders.com

All our lives, we thought we need much to be happy. We thought having it all is our road trip to contentment. We keep on buying, owning, and keeping without knowing our home was already filled with more stuff. Perhaps some stuff was not yet used.

This too much stuff gives us distractions. To remove distractions, we try to organize. However, organizing is just a temporary solution. If we still have this “we need more” mindset, stuff will keep on accumulating and distractions will get worst.

So what shall we do now?

Let’s have a break, grab a cup of tea, then evaluate our life and our stuff. Think of what makes us really happy? Are having too much stuff gives us joy and freedom? Is stocking unnecessary items is our definition of abundance?

As I embrace minimalism into my life, I decided to remove all my unwanted possessions and own less. Owning less for me means less debt, less to organize, less to clean, less stress, less distraction, more money and time. After that, I started to declutter my home. Below are the steps I did to declutter.

7 Easy Steps Towards A Decluttered Home

1. Categorized

Categorized your stuff based on its use or purpose. For instance: your pants, shirts, dresses, and underwear are under clothing category; your shampoo, face powder, comb, toothbrush is under beauty category; your mobile phones, laptop, camera, chargers are under gadget category. You can create as many categories as you want. These categories will group your stuff to make it easier to sort out.

2. Remove

Remove all your stuff from its place and lay it in the bed or on the floor. When I say all, it exactly means all. Remove everything, including your scarf in the cloth stand, the bobby pins inside your drawer, and everything you own in every edge of your room. By this, you can see all your stuff and figure out what you overlooked.

3. Sort Out

Sort out your stuff and group them according to the categories you created.  In decluttering, focus on one category at a time. Start at the category with most stuff. It is better to start in a category that needs a lot of work while your drive and energy are at its peak.

4. Evaluate

This is the step that needs your emotional judgment. Prepare 3 boxes or container (depends on the size or volume of the stuff). These boxes/containers serve as the destination of your stuff. One is for “to be used stuff”, the other one is for “to donate/sell stuff”, and the last one is for the “unsure stuff”. Unsure means you’re undecided on its destination, whether you keep it or donate/sell it.

For the “Unsure Stuff”, keep it away from sight. Give yourself one month before you evaluate it again. If after a month you’re still unsure, give yourself another month to decide. If the stuff was still untouched after 2 months, in that case, it was destined to be given away.

On the other hand, if after a week or a month you decided to use some stuff, you can get it out from the box and return it back to the closet. Remember, you are not restricted to do so. Give or sell the other stuff.

5. Return

For your “To be used stuff”, evaluate it again. Will it be necessary? Will this stuff be used often? Or will it give joy to you? If the answer is “yes”, return it back to where it belongs. However, if your answer is “no”, then let it go.

6. Give Space

Give free spaces between stuff. Now, there is more room for the stuff you might need and the stuff you love the most.

7. Donate/Sell

Give your unwanted stuff to your relatives or friends that need it the most. You can also give it to the charities you supported. But if you need money to pay your bills or debts, sell it. Below are some ideas might help you on how and where you can sell your unwanted stuff:

Final Thoughts

Owning less gives me more happiness, freedom, and contentment. Moreover, having less creates more space to those significant things that will come into my life.

Furthermore, decluttering doesn’t need to be finished within a day. You can schedule it either every weekend or anytime that suits you. Start at your own pace. You can also involve your partner or your kids.

It’s your turn now. Evaluate your life and all the stuff you own. If you think that having more will not give you any satisfaction, so go ahead. Declutter your home with these 7 easy steps and start to live with less.