Embracing Minimalism: A Life-changing Decision

Is your life a mess? Are you tired of dealing with your stuffed or even life? Are you having so many sleepless nights thinking about your debts? Well, we’re on the same shoe but I slowly overcome it. How? By deciding to fully embrace minimalism into my life.

Embracing Minimalism A Life Changing Decision

“Less is more.” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Perhaps you already heard or read about minimalism. Maybe you’re thinking, “Here we go again, there’s another person wants to join the trend.” Since minimalism is in vogue these days especially to the millennial like me.

To join the crowd is not my intention. I have these two (2) major life-changing goals I want to attain and becoming minimalist is my trip ticket.

To Have a Debt-Free Life

I have been living paycheque to paycheque. Every time I received my salary, it goes directly to my bills, my debts, and my family’s expenses; at the end of the day, nothing is left for savings and for me. The worst part is my financial status becomes negative. This means that my expense is greater than my income so I cling to debts.

This kind of life goes on and on and on. I have been so many sleepless nights thinking about how I am going to slay my debts. I am drenched to debts because I keep on spending thinking that I am still in control.

When I heard about minimalism, I knew that this lifestyle will help me solve my financial problem. By shifting to a minimalist lifestyle, I build a habit of spending less and saying no to expenses knowing that we don’t need to buy more stuff to be happy and contented.

By wanting less, I learned to cut my expenses and use the money to pay debts instead. In making purchases, I evaluate the item first if is it really necessary and will it bring joy to my life.

Becoming a minimalist slowly leads me to a debt-free life.

To Have a Decluttered Life

I work in an industry far from the city. I spend my nonworking hours in a small room provided by my employer  with just a bed, a table, and a small closet. It is spacious yet appears crowded caused by my cluttered stuff. I have plenty of stuff which I didn’t use. I keep this stuff thinking that I will be needing this someday.

Cleaning and organizing this stuff consumes my time. I should have spent my time doing the things I love than dealing with this mess. Moreover, aside from a wasted time, having a cluttered room gives me a cluttered mind. I get stressed and distracted instead of coming home from work to relax.

Another essence of embracing minimalism is to declutter. Decluttering unnecessary stuff to give more space to things we love the most.

In a few months time, I have removed almost two-third of my stuff. Wew! I can’t imagine I have this much stuff sleeping in my small room.

Decluttering gives me freedom. No more wasted time cleaning and organizing. I can surely stay in my room, sip a cup of tea, relax, and focus on my writing with no more distractions.

Final Thoughts

It’s been more than a month since I started a minimalist lifestyle. This decision really changes my life. I now started my journey to a debt-free life; I created a monthly budget; cut my expenses and live below my means. Being a minimalist also changes the aura of my room. It is more spacious now and I am more relaxed. The burden inside me is long way gone and I can now sleep soundly without any worries in mind.

I know I am not yet free from debt. But I believe, step by step, I will surely get in there by living below my means or living with less. This means I have to cut my unwanted expenses. If you think this is way too harsh, well, it’s not. I am more comfy with it and I do believe that this is the life I really wanted.

It’s your turn now. If you want to change your life positively, and if you think minimalism is the way, embrace it as well. But if your done already, what your reasons and goals?

Best of luck on your journey to a simple life and feel free to share your stories here with me.

Author: Joanna Marey

Hello, I am Joanna Marey. I started LIVE LESS.LOVE MORE just to document my journey to become minimalist and be financially free. However, it goes beyond my expectation. Currently, I am a full-time employee but my goal is to become a full-time freelancer and blogger. I decided to be in these paths in order to gain time-freedom and become my own boss.

4 thoughts on “Embracing Minimalism: A Life-changing Decision”

  1. This is such a huge, yet exciting, life change! I’m facing some serious down-sizing in my future to help my fiancé feel less stressed about student loan debt repayment, and for us to live a more meaningful life not tied down to the stresses of day-to-day finances like you mentioned.It always sounds easy to live simply, but it’s crazy how trained we’ve become to feel like we “need” things. While everyone says, “Yes, I really should cut-back,” I’ve noticed not many people have the courage to re-organize their lives to actually do it, so that’s a huge leap you’ve already taken just by getting started! Look forward to following your journey!


    1. Hello Kassie,
      Thank you for following.. Yes, you are right..This is such a life changing situation.. My only regret is that why I didn’t started earlier. But it’s okay. The important thing is I initiated. It is really funny realizing that we have this mindset before to have more to be happy. But here I am now, pursuing my life to live with less.. And I am so much happy and contented about it. I hope I can influence my family and friends.
      I am still in the process of shifting and learning. That is why I keep on researching and reading blogs. I am looking forward to learn more from you as well. Thank you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

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